I'm an Animator, Designer and Illustrator with a BFA in Animation and an MA in Motion Media Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, plus an Associate's in Graphic Design. Along with motion graphics, digital cel animation, compositing and digital painting, I've also experimented with all the traditional art media I could get my hands on. I've dabbled in writing of all kinds, photography, painting, stencils and other methods and like to incorporate those experiences in my personal work, often by applying tactile aesthetics.


My inspirations include independent and mainstream film, video games, comics, anime/manga, absurdist animated comedy and several forms of fine art, particularly surrealism and low-brow. I love merging a variety of media into cohesive wholes.



Buddy Warren Home

"Jack-of-all-trades" designer/animator, June 2020-present

  • Web design and animation

Ace and Son Moving Picture Company

Freelance Animation, December 2018- October 2020

  • Created rough animation based on storyboards, concepts and character designs.

  • Cleaned rough animation to a middle point for cleanup artists to finalize.


Freelance Video Resizing, December 2018- September 2019

  • Rearranged assets from animations to create different aspect ratios for several videos in a series.

Localization Design, January 2019

  • Input translations for a variety of languages in Adobe XD

  • Exported stills and fully localized animation assets for animation

Courtroom Visuals 

Freelance/independent Animation and Videography, December 2014-April 2015

  • Created animated tutorials to aid in courtroom presentations.

  • Trained to film depositions.

  • Worked directly and indirectly with experts and legal staff to maintain accuracy.


Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

Master's of Art in Motion Media, May 2018

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

Bachelor of Fine Art in Animation, May 2014

Hinds Community College, Raymond, MS

Associates in Graphic Design Technology, December 2010

Non-Staff Work:

Parade Online

Contributor, Summer 2014

Wrote two pieces for parade online, one about "aWake" and another about the state of the gaming industry (opinion piece).


Art Direction and Design: Motion Graphics for "Anchors Aweigh"- 2019 Promax "Creating What's Next" Awards

Artistic Honors Scholarship- Savannah college of Art and Design- May 2011

Dean’s List- Savannah College of Art and Design- December 2011

Dean’s List- Hinds Community College- December 2010


Saiman Chow- Photoshop Animation Intern

Created rouigh animation, cleaned linework and made animated solids for a project being created by Saiman Chow.

Stinky Kids- Storyboarding Intern

Storyboarded a sequence for the planned Stinky Kids animated pilot.

Game Knight Studios- Animation Intern

Cleaned and added to mocap animation for attack sequences.

Software Capabilities:

Toon Boom Harmony, Animate Pro and Storyboard Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, Illustrator, Audition, InDesign, Encore,  Autodesk Maya.

Some experience in C4D and Blender.

This resume is edited for relevance and clarity. Full work history available on contact.

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